Still Alive

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Jun 122017

So school is finished, I’m looking for work.  Looks like the plan is to get a job, pay off debts, and then go full in on the bus.  It probably won’t be too exciting this year given it will mostly be contracted out.  Engine in-frame rebuild and suspension, mainly.  As for the bus design, the mini-split is out in favor of  a chiller.  Lead acid batteries are out in favor of lithium LiFePO 4 batteries. This means double the capacity for house battery bank in half the weight and volume. In doing that, it makes some other things a lot easier to do as well. The massive area which was going to be batteries on the right side of the bus is now going to be the home of the chiller unit. I’ve also decided to very much look into building my own fridge for variety of reasons. Lighting is now going to be LED rather than florescent, saving power budget and space. The washer/dryer might change as well given the mini-split condenser is no longer limiting height. As for the roof raise, I have now settled on the joining method being primarily plug welds. Appropriate rivets ended up being more expensive, weaker, and more prone to rust when all is said and done.

The current state of the bus is that no noticeable new rust has occurred thanks to timely touch up paint before storage and keeping eye on it. It is covered in algae or something, but a good pressure washing will take care of that.

With this year basically being engine and suspension, that puts the roof raise at the start of 2018. Upon finishing up with that comes the exterior repainting. I will also be picking up an HTP Pro Pulse 200 MIG Welder. Trying to use a cheap MIG for this job just isn’t going to cut it. Looks like I will also be picking up a water cooled drill press from either Harbor Freight or some used/surplus setup. We’ll see when the time comes.

So, yeah, looks like the project is going to start back up in full.

No longer in Canada

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Aug 122014

Still working on renders as time and money have not come together for actual bus work while I go to school.


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Dec 122013

I am living in Canada at the moment.  It has been three years now I have owned the bus and made little progress on it due to one problem or another.  Usually lack of employment, sadly.  On that note, here, have the 2013 reworked floorplan render.

Nothing major.

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May 222012

I recently decided I should probably get around to actually getting the title transferred over proper.  Turns out I nearly got hit with some very severe fines for not doing so, the laws having changed between when I bought it and now.  Not sure why I didn’t, and I don’t much care to dig further into it.

Either way, I now actually own the bus.  Heh.

Paused. Again.

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Apr 222011

Money for bus engine went to a 1985 Mercedes Benz 300td station wagon and repairs to it.

Excercised Bus

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Mar 012011

To charge up the battery and keep the tires healthy, I started up the bus and did a loop around.  It has fairly terrible compression right now, same as when I parked it.  After it warmed up and I did the loop, I returned it to its parking place, offset a bit from the holes it had sunk into.

Looks like I have the funding to start work on the engine within a month.

Renders of Bus, Post Raise

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Nov 132010

The bus clearance will be between 12′ to 12′ 6″ depending mostly on the air ride plans.  This includes the 24″ raising of the roof to give an internal ceiling of about 7′ 3″ on the sides to 8′ 2″ in the center.  These measurements do not take into account flooring.


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Oct 312010

The paint has slowly dried to a very nice, very hard surface.  There are some place that the paint pooled slightly which have yet to fully dry all the way through, but they are well on their way as well.  The next step is the engine work.  I anticipate needing to buy $1100 for parts and about that in tools.

Some tools for the engine rebuild have been purchased, though the project is fully halted so far as money is concerned until my future is somewhat more certain.

SketchUp Layout Planning

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Oct 312010

While this lacks roof raise and has crushed down the bunks to silly proportions, the layout core is present.  It fits!

All walkways are minimum of 2.5′, the door itself 30″.  Rear door will remain in place (though gain height in the roof raise) so as to allow both an emergency exit as well as direct access to bathroom.