Oct 042010

Between the cold night and lay­ing on the Ospho a lit­tle thick, I end­ed up with a lot of the pow­der byprod­uct.  Well, that and I was apply­ing it to gal­va­nized met­al.  In a cou­ple of dents, the prod­uct pooled and it is not yet ful­ly dry.  So today will not be a day of paint­ing.

I worked a ways using a scrub brush, but I’ve decid­ed to get a new brush attach­ment for the drill to clean up this mess lat­er today.  The rust has indeed turned black, though, and gal­va­nized parts have been etched nice­ly.  All in all, it has been a suc­cess.  An annoy­ing suc­cess.

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