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Sep 282010

Got hit with some kind of sick­ness.  Man­aged to take the pick­up of junk to the dump and sweep up the floor.  Wish I had been smart enough to wear the res­pi­ra­tor rather than get a case of black lung. 😛

Past that, the day fell apart, includ­ing the cam­era eat­ing images of the cleaned floor.  I feel like crap. x_x

Floor and Seats Removed

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Sep 272010

The floor and seats are removed.  With min­i­mal blood loss.  Urgh.  Got a full pick­up load of debris to take to the dump in the morn­ing.  Agen­da for tomor­row is cleanup, wire­brush­ing, and gen­er­al paint prep.

Great Weather

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Sep 262010

I com­plet­ed the clean out of the well­house today.  Weath­er report says the next 10 days have a 0% chance of rain, sun­ny, and high eight­ies.  Basi­cal­ly per­fect weath­er for here.

Looks like I will make some decent head­way on the bus.  All seats will be off loaded tomor­row.  We’ll see how it goes from there.

Wasps and Decals

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Sep 242010

Been a fun series of attacks on a clus­ter of yel­low jack­et nests.   Obvi­ous­ly by ‘fun’, I mean ‘angry’.  Think they are all dead now so I can carve out some stor­age for bus seats.

In oth­er news, I removed decals off the side of the bus.  Also a sig­nif­i­cant por­tion of failed paint from a cou­ple pan­els.  No rust at all, just failed primer adhe­sion.  Some­one did some­thing very odd to those two pan­els at once point.  Regard­less, they were spray paint­ed for time being.

Purchased a welder.

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Sep 032010

Actu­al­ly pur­chased it a month and change ago, but I failed to post notice about it.  Excel­lent deal on it and a very sol­id unit but heavy as all hell.  Going to need to put in some new wiring this win­ter to run the thing.  Basi­cal­ly end up con­vert­ing the well­house into a weld­ing shop.  Thank­ful­ly it won’t run too much mon­ey to get that done.

All seats officiallly unbolted.

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Sep 032010

Spent a month up in Cana­da, but I am back now.  All seats are now offi­cial­ly unbolt­ed.  Have a lit­tle bit of a prob­lem now with fig­ur­ing out where I am going to store them.  Con­sid­er­ing build­ing a quick shed just for them.

Have some paper­work to do on the bus, but it requires me dri­ving it to a weight sta­tion… which ain’t going to hap­pen until I get in and fix the engine.  I believe the ther­mo­stat, radi­a­tor flu­id, oil, and oil fil­ter needs replac­ing, along with the o‑rings on the cylin­der sleeves.  Dur­ing that, I will be able to inspect the sleeves for dam­age and replace as necessary.

Out­side the bus, I need to remove the motor­ized (pneu­mat­ic?) stop sign and cross­ing guard arms.  Stick­ers need remov­ing as well as any­thing that does­n’t belong.  Then it gets a good pres­sure wash­ing and the whole thing is blocked off as need­ed and painted/detailed.  Going to hold off on the fan­cy roof coat until all the work is done.

Inter­nal, I need to store the seats and then rip up and dis­pose of the floor entire­ly.  Wall pan­els get opened up and stored for time being as well.  All insu­la­tion found at this time will be dis­posed of.  With the bare met­al exposed, I insure that all is struc­tural­ly sound, fix­ing what isn’t.  All steel gets wire brushed, pres­sure washed, treat­ed with rust remover, pres­sure washed again, primered, and paint­ed with two coats.  I will be hold­ing off on installing the new floor­ing until after struc­tur­al mod­i­fi­ca­tions and lay­out is done as it is like­ly to take some weld­ing on var­i­ous instal­la­tions of brack­ets.  None of this bolt-to-ply­wood nonsense.

Some­time dur­ing all that, I am like­ly to be doing the rewire job for the actu­al bus side of things.  I’m actu­al­ly look­ing for­ward to this part as the wiring box looks very well built despite its years of add-ons and fid­dling by mechan­ics.  Once cleaned up and doc­u­ment­ed, it is like­ly to stay more or less how it is.  All wiring is going to be installed in chan­nels and junc­tion box­es as the bus is to be insu­lat­ed after struc­tur­al mod­i­fi­ca­tions with ure­thane foam.  This should cut down on noise severe­ly.  Most like­ly to install fur­ther out­door safe­ty and cour­testy lights after I look into what exact­ly is legal, sug­gest­ed, and available.

While a rough idea of the floor­plan is fig­ured on, I am wait­ing on get­ting the seats out to real­ly get into that part.

Getting legal stuff settled, taxes.

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Jul 232010

At moment I’m get­ting things togeth­er to get title changed to motorhome, plates, tax­es, all that kind of thing.  More on that later.

Have the bus in hand.

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Jul 232010

I man­aged to get the bus home.  Not so fun severe­ly behind on sleep.  Any­hoo, basi­cal­ly turned out well.  The bus itself was indeed a 40′, 15 win­dow bus.  The MT643 trans­mis­sion was fresh­ly rebuilt in 2009.  The engine is a mechan­i­cal DT466, 1997 manufacture.

I’ve yet to prop­er­ly take a look at the engine, but it does have some issues that made them­selves known.  Only had 133k miles on it, so I’m hop­ing it is an o‑ring or headgas­ket that needs replace­ment rather than a rebuild kit to get it back up to 100%.  Runs well enough to dri­ve on for time being at least, though I have no inten­tion of dri­ving it until all’s well.  We’ll see how it goes, worst case I’m look­ing at $1100 so not too bad.

The bus itself is in EXCELLENT con­di­tion.  So far not a bit of rust or dam­age to be found.  The ply­wood floor has appar­ent­ly suf­fered dry rot (or some­thing), but the met­al under­neath it is pris­tine which is all that mat­tered to me.

All in all, I am extreme­ly sat­is­fied with the pur­chase and I high­ly rec­om­mend you send Lan­ny Ashcraft an email detail­ing the type of bus you’re look­ing for if you’re hav­ing trou­ble find­ing it.  Or even if you’re just look­ing for a bet­ter price.

On my way to pick up the bus.

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Jul 132010

Cashier’s Check, one way tags, and insur­ance all in hand.  One way tags will get me home and only run $5 ver­sus the stan­dard $25 tags.

GMAC is han­dling my insur­ance, got the most basic plan.  They, unlike oth­ers, had no prob­lems with school bus con­ver­sions.  We’ll see what hap­pens when it comes time to get some full coverage.

Jul 122010