No longer in Canada

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Aug 122014

Still working on renders as time and money have not come together for actual bus work while I go to school.


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Dec 122013

I am living in Canada at the moment.  It has been three years now I have owned the bus and made little progress on it due to one problem or another.  Usually lack of employment, sadly.  On that note, here, have the 2013 reworked floorplan render.

Nothing major.

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May 222012

I recently decided I should probably get around to actually getting the title transferred over proper.  Turns out I nearly got hit with some very severe fines for not doing so, the laws having changed between when I bought it and now.  Not sure why I didn’t, and I don’t much care to dig further into it.

Either way, I now actually own the bus.  Heh.

Paused. Again.

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Apr 222011

Money for bus engine went to a 1985 Mercedes Benz 300td station wagon and repairs to it.

Renders of Bus, Post Raise

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Nov 132010

The bus clearance will be between 12′ to 12′ 6″ depending mostly on the air ride plans.  This includes the 24″ raising of the roof to give an internal ceiling of about 7′ 3″ on the sides to 8′ 2″ in the center.  These measurements do not take into account flooring.

Aw, Crap.

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Oct 042010

Between the cold night and laying on the Ospho a little thick, I ended up with a lot of the powder byproduct.  Well, that and I was applying it to galvanized metal.  In a couple of dents, the product pooled and it is not yet fully dry.  So today will not be a day of painting.

I worked a ways using a scrub brush, but I’ve decided to get a new brush attachment for the drill to clean up this mess later today.  The rust has indeed turned black, though, and galvanized parts have been etched nicely.  All in all, it has been a success.  An annoying success.

Grind, Sweep, and Wash.

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Sep 292010

Well.  Seems I was suffering from a severe lack of salt.  I’m much better now.

Today I ground off all the bolts, screws, and nubs in the floor that I was unable to remove.  Did a final sweep up of the debris and some removal of parts that needed gone.  Then came the spray down.  Not too shabby looking.