No longer in Canada

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Aug 122014

Still work­ing on ren­ders as time and mon­ey have not come togeth­er for actu­al bus work while I go to school.


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Dec 122013

I am liv­ing in Cana­da at the moment.  It has been three years now I have owned the bus and made lit­tle progress on it due to one prob­lem or anoth­er.  Usu­al­ly lack of employ­ment, sad­ly.  On that note, here, have the 2013 reworked floor­plan render.

Nothing major.

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May 222012

I recent­ly decid­ed I should prob­a­bly get around to actu­al­ly get­ting the title trans­ferred over prop­er.  Turns out I near­ly got hit with some very severe fines for not doing so, the laws hav­ing changed between when I bought it and now.  Not sure why I did­n’t, and I don’t much care to dig fur­ther into it.

Either way, I now actu­al­ly own the bus. Heh.

Paused. Again.

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Apr 222011

Mon­ey for bus engine went to a 1985 Mer­cedes Benz 300td sta­tion wag­on and repairs to it.

Renders of Bus, Post Raise

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Nov 132010

The bus clear­ance will be between 12′ to 12′ 6″ depend­ing most­ly on the air ride plans.  This includes the 24″ rais­ing of the roof to give an inter­nal ceil­ing of about 7′ 3″ on the sides to 8′ 2″ in the cen­ter.  These mea­sure­ments do not take into account flooring.

Aw, Crap.

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Oct 042010

Between the cold night and lay­ing on the Ospho a lit­tle thick, I end­ed up with a lot of the pow­der byprod­uct.  Well, that and I was apply­ing it to gal­va­nized met­al.  In a cou­ple of dents, the prod­uct pooled and it is not yet ful­ly dry.  So today will not be a day of painting.

I worked a ways using a scrub brush, but I’ve decid­ed to get a new brush attach­ment for the drill to clean up this mess lat­er today.  The rust has indeed turned black, though, and gal­va­nized parts have been etched nice­ly.  All in all, it has been a suc­cess.  An annoy­ing success.

Grind, Sweep, and Wash.

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Sep 292010

Well.  Seems I was suf­fer­ing from a severe lack of salt.  I’m much bet­ter now.

Today I ground off all the bolts, screws, and nubs in the floor that I was unable to remove.  Did a final sweep up of the debris and some removal of parts that need­ed gone.  Then came the spray down.  Not too shab­by looking.