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Oct 312010

The paint has slowly dried to a very nice, very hard surface.  There are some place that the paint pooled slightly which have yet to fully dry all the way through, but they are well on their way as well.  The next step is the engine work.  I anticipate needing to buy $1100 for parts and about that in tools.

Some tools for the engine rebuild have been purchased, though the project is fully halted so far as money is concerned until my future is somewhat more certain.

SketchUp Layout Planning

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Oct 312010

While this lacks roof raise and has crushed down the bunks to silly proportions, the layout core is present.  It fits!

All walkways are minimum of 2.5′, the door itself 30″.  Rear door will remain in place (though gain height in the roof raise) so as to allow both an emergency exit as well as direct access to bathroom.

Things I’ve Learned About Paint

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Oct 132010
  1. When painting the inside, forced ventilation is key.  Ventilate the hell out of the bus once it is no longer tacky (bugs won’t stick to it).
  2. It will still take a lot longer than paint can indicates to dry.
  3. Let it dry properly.  No matter how long it ends up taking.

Here Comes the Rain

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Oct 102010

As the paint is drying FAR slower than I had anticipated due to low 50ºF nights and possibly vapor pressure (fan had a very noticeable impact this afternoon), storing the seats in the bus was a no go.  I put up all the windows, shut the doors, and pulled the roof vents down.  The 28 (heavy!) seats have been put into the well house I cleaned out earlier for this potential purpose.  Turns out they stack up quite nicely, making for a compact tower of up to 8 in an 8′ ceiling room.  Three towers of eight, one of six.

Bus Heater Cleanup

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Oct 082010

I cleaned up the two coolant based heater for use later.  I’ll be oiling the motors and installing new foam barriers/seals later on.

Topcoat Painted

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Oct 082010

Ended up buying a second gallon of Smoke Grey.

Soft Paint

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Oct 072010

Due to 50°F weather, the paint has not quite finished drying.  At least not enough that I feel comfortable walking on it to put the top coat on.  Delayed until tomorrow.

Primer Coat Down

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Oct 062010

Got the Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer down today.  Phew.  Fumy.

Navistar International ISIS DVD

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Oct 052010

While this does not seem to have all the information I was looking for, it does have a great deal of the information I needed for the engine.  Huzzah!