Getting legal stuff settled, taxes.

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Jul 232010

At moment I’m get­ting things togeth­er to get title changed to motorhome, plates, tax­es, all that kind of thing.  More on that later.

May 192010

Sec­ond prac­tice ran 45 min­utes.  Went great.  Air brakes are a bit touchy, very much sug­gest­ed you go out and get some light shoes to practice/test in.  Do not use steel toed boots, no mat­ter if you’ve worn them for years!

May 142010

Orig­i­nal angry rant removed.  I was fed some extreme­ly bad infor­ma­tion by an instruc­tor for the com­pa­ny I had orig­i­nal select­ed and was turned away from.  Things were cleared up soon after with TDPS and the awe­some instruc­tors I end­ed up going with.

Apr 212010

Wow, test was a breeze this time. A note for oth­ers: There are two man­u­als. The first is a large newsprint type ‘Texas Com­mer­cial Motor Vehi­cle Dri­vers Hand­book’ which has *every­thing* in it. Good to read through, famil­iar­ize, and ref­er­ence. For actu­al study­ing for the test, it is best to use the sec­ond book, a school bus yel­low ‘Texas Dri­vers Hand­book’, chap­ter 15. Also note Chap­ter 8–3 for the speed/vehicle chart.

Also, for record, a ‘non-com­mer­cial’ license is called a Class A (or B) exempt.

Apr 202010

Failed with a 63%.  Major­i­ty of the ques­tions were not ones that I stud­ied.  Found out that I should be study­ing the com­mer­cial chap­ter of the small book, so now I am going over that.  Plan to retest tomor­row.  Grum­ble mutter.

Apr 092010

Appar­ent­ly, a Class A endorse­ment is required for this bus.  Step one is to obtain such.

I’ve locat­ed an appro­pri­ate CDL class which pro­vides vehi­cle for prac­tice and test for $275.  This  seems ide­al and will like­ly be path I take, though with inten­tion of reg­is­ter­ing as Non-Com­mer­cial so far as the licens­ing goes.  Cur­rent­ly study­ing handbook.