Getting legal stuff settled, taxes.

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Jul 232010

At moment I’m getting things together to get title changed to motorhome, plates, taxes, all that kind of thing.  More on that later.

May 192010

Second practice ran 45 minutes.  Went great.  Air brakes are a bit touchy, very much suggested you go out and get some light shoes to practice/test in.  Do not use steel toed boots, no matter if you’ve worn them for years!

May 142010

Original angry rant removed.  I was fed some extremely bad information by an instructor for the company I had original selected and was turned away from.  Things were cleared up soon after with TDPS and the awesome instructors I ended up going with.

Apr 212010

Wow, test was a breeze this time. A note for others: There are two manuals. The first is a large newsprint type ‘Texas Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Handbook’ which has *everything* in it. Good to read through, familiarize, and reference. For actual studying for the test, it is best to use the second book, a school bus yellow ‘Texas Drivers Handbook’, chapter 15. Also note Chapter 8-3 for the speed/vehicle chart.

Also, for record, a ‘non-commercial’ license is called a Class A (or B) exempt.

Apr 202010

Failed with a 63%.  Majority of the questions were not ones that I studied.  Found out that I should be studying the commercial chapter of the small book, so now I am going over that.  Plan to retest tomorrow.  Grumble mutter.

Apr 092010

Apparently, a Class A endorsement is required for this bus.  Step one is to obtain such.

I’ve located an appropriate CDL class which provides vehicle for practice and test for $275.  This  seems ideal and will likely be path I take, though with intention of registering as Non-Commercial so far as the licensing goes.  Currently studying handbook.