Excess Oxide Removed

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Oct 052010

Cough.  Sputter.  Good lord that was a lot of dust even with mask.  Due to the severity, I ended up using a fine steel wire brush on the drill.  Worked perfect.  Swept and air hosed out the bus several times.  Everything is ready for tomorrow being paint day.  Assuming I don’t end up seriously ill.

Random Lessons I Have Learned: Part 2

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Oct 042010

Bus smoke!  Don’t  breathe this!

Seriously.  Wear a mask.  That thick white powder is zinc oxide.  You know, the stuff that makes welders sick?  While I was smart enough to wear the mask for the bulk of today’s experimental scrubbing in a dry area, I failed to do so in a patch at the back door.  It wasn’t much, but it was enough to make me feel like crap.  It isn’t just for welders to keep in mind.


Purchased a welder.

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Sep 032010

Actually purchased it a month and change ago, but I failed to post notice about it.  Excellent deal on it and a very solid unit but heavy as all hell.  Going to need to put in some new wiring this winter to run the thing.  Basically end up converting the wellhouse into a welding shop.  Thankfully it won’t run too much money to get that done.