Grind, Sweep, and Wash.

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Sep 292010

Well.  Seems I was suffering from a severe lack of salt.  I’m much better now.

Today I ground off all the bolts, screws, and nubs in the floor that I was unable to remove.  Did a final sweep up of the debris and some removal of parts that needed gone.  Then came the spray down.  Not too shabby looking.


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Sep 282010

Got hit with some kind of sickness.  Managed to take the pickup of junk to the dump and sweep up the floor.  Wish I had been smart enough to wear the respirator rather than get a case of black lung. 😛

Past that, the day fell apart, including the camera eating images of the cleaned floor.  I feel like crap. x_x

Floor and Seats Removed

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Sep 272010

The floor and seats are removed.  With minimal blood loss.  Urgh.  Got a full pickup load of debris to take to the dump in the morning.  Agenda for tomorrow is cleanup, wirebrushing, and general paint prep.

Great Weather

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Sep 262010

I completed the clean out of the wellhouse today.  Weather report says the next 10 days have a 0% chance of rain, sunny, and high eighties.  Basically perfect weather for here.

Looks like I will make some decent headway on the bus.  All seats will be off loaded tomorrow.  We’ll see how it goes from there.

Wasps and Decals

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Sep 242010

Been a fun series of attacks on a cluster of yellow jacket nests.   Obviously by ‘fun’, I mean ‘angry’.  Think they are all dead now so I can carve out some storage for bus seats.

In other news, I removed decals off the side of the bus.  Also a significant portion of failed paint from a couple panels.  No rust at all, just failed primer adhesion.  Someone did something very odd to those two panels at once point.  Regardless, they were spray painted for time being.


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Sep 212010

So. Much. Rain.
I wonder how well a bus converts to an ark… 😛

Purchased a welder.

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Sep 032010

Actually purchased it a month and change ago, but I failed to post notice about it.  Excellent deal on it and a very solid unit but heavy as all hell.  Going to need to put in some new wiring this winter to run the thing.  Basically end up converting the wellhouse into a welding shop.  Thankfully it won’t run too much money to get that done.

All seats officiallly unbolted.

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Sep 032010

Spent a month up in Canada, but I am back now.  All seats are now officially unbolted.  Have a little bit of a problem now with figuring out where I am going to store them.  Considering building a quick shed just for them.

Have some paperwork to do on the bus, but it requires me driving it to a weight station… which ain’t going to happen until I get in and fix the engine.  I believe the thermostat, radiator fluid, oil, and oil filter needs replacing, along with the o-rings on the cylinder sleeves.  During that, I will be able to inspect the sleeves for damage and replace as necessary.

Outside the bus, I need to remove the motorized (pneumatic?) stop sign and crossing guard arms.  Stickers need removing as well as anything that doesn’t belong.  Then it gets a good pressure washing and the whole thing is blocked off as needed and painted/detailed.  Going to hold off on the fancy roof coat until all the work is done.

Internal, I need to store the seats and then rip up and dispose of the floor entirely.  Wall panels get opened up and stored for time being as well.  All insulation found at this time will be disposed of.  With the bare metal exposed, I insure that all is structurally sound, fixing what isn’t.  All steel gets wire brushed, pressure washed, treated with rust remover, pressure washed again, primered, and painted with two coats.  I will be holding off on installing the new flooring until after structural modifications and layout is done as it is likely to take some welding on various installations of brackets.  None of this bolt-to-plywood nonsense.

Sometime during all that, I am likely to be doing the rewire job for the actual bus side of things.  I’m actually looking forward to this part as the wiring box looks very well built despite its years of add-ons and fiddling by mechanics.  Once cleaned up and documented, it is likely to stay more or less how it is.  All wiring is going to be installed in channels and junction boxes as the bus is to be insulated after structural modifications with urethane foam.  This should cut down on noise severely.  Most likely to install further outdoor safety and courtesty lights after I look into what exactly is legal, suggested, and available.

While a rough idea of the floorplan is figured on, I am waiting on getting the seats out to really get into that part.