Jun 122017

So school is fin­ished, I’m look­ing for work.  Looks like the plan is to get a job, pay off debts, and then go full in on the bus.  It prob­a­bly won’t be too excit­ing this year giv­en it will most­ly be con­tract­ed out.  Engine in-frame rebuild and sus­pen­sion, main­ly.  As for the bus design, the mini-split is out in favor of  a chiller.  Lead acid bat­ter­ies are out in favor of lithi­um LiFe­PO 4 bat­ter­ies. This means dou­ble the capac­i­ty for house bat­tery bank in half the weight and vol­ume. In doing that, it makes some oth­er things a lot eas­i­er to do as well. The mas­sive area which was going to be bat­ter­ies on the right side of the bus is now going to be the home of the chiller unit. I’ve also decid­ed to very much look into build­ing my own fridge for vari­ety of rea­sons. Light­ing is now going to be LED rather than flo­res­cent, sav­ing pow­er bud­get and space. The washer/dryer might change as well giv­en the mini-split con­denser is no longer lim­it­ing height. As for the roof raise, I have now set­tled on the join­ing method being pri­mar­i­ly plug welds. Appro­pri­ate riv­ets end­ed up being more expen­sive, weak­er, and more prone to rust when all is said and done.

The cur­rent state of the bus is that no notice­able new rust has occurred thanks to time­ly touch up paint before stor­age and keep­ing eye on it. It is cov­ered in algae or some­thing, but a good pres­sure wash­ing will take care of that.

With this year basi­cal­ly being engine and sus­pen­sion, that puts the roof raise at the start of 2018. Upon fin­ish­ing up with that comes the exte­ri­or repaint­ing. I will also be pick­ing up an HTP Pro Pulse 200 MIG Welder. Try­ing to use a cheap MIG for this job just isn’t going to cut it. Looks like I will also be pick­ing up a water cooled drill press from either Har­bor Freight or some used/surplus set­up. We’ll see when the time comes.

So, yeah, looks like the project is going to start back up in full.

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