Aw, Crap.

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Oct 042010

Between the cold night and lay­ing on the Ospho a lit­tle thick, I end­ed up with a lot of the pow­der byprod­uct.  Well, that and I was apply­ing it to gal­va­nized met­al.  In a cou­ple of dents, the prod­uct pooled and it is not yet ful­ly dry.  So today will not be a day of paint­ing.

I worked a ways using a scrub brush, but I’ve decid­ed to get a new brush attach­ment for the drill to clean up this mess lat­er today.  The rust has indeed turned black, though, and gal­va­nized parts have been etched nice­ly.  All in all, it has been a suc­cess.  An annoy­ing suc­cess.

Ospho Applied

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Oct 032010

This time I was smart enough to wear gloves and rub­ber boots.  Yay me.

Bad News: Coolant

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Oct 022010

When I removed the heater coolant loop I found two very bad things:

  1. It was green.
  2. It had gunk in it, like­ly small amounts of set­tled oil.

Now.  Why is it being green bad you ask?  It is because the DT466, while a mag­nif­i­cent engine, is prone to var­i­ous issues if one uses improp­er flu­ids or sim­ply doesn’t change them out when sched­uled.  Green antifreeze is /not/ what makes the engine hap­py.  Green antifreeze is what makes the sleeves eat through rapid­ly due to cav­i­ta­tion.

The sec­ond prob­lem, the gunk?  Yeah, fair­ly obvi­ous do-not-want issue. 😛

Worst case was I have to do a rebuild, looks more like­ly that will be the case.  Rough­ly $1100 and I get to basi­cal­ly start new on engine wear.  Not a bad deal.

TSP Stage Complete

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Oct 022010

Start­ed a bit late today, ground down all the rust with a 6″ course grind wheel on a drill.  An angle grinder or some such prob­a­bly would have been bet­ter as while the drill was far more maneu­ver­able, it was shak­ing hell out of my hands.  That mat­ters when you are doing sev­er­al hours of that crap.

I’ve also removed the radi­a­tor hoses on the loop lead­ing to the pas­sen­ger front and pas­sen­ger back heaters.  Didn’t like the flu­ids one bit, more on that in a fol­low­ing post.

After sweep­ing and using com­pressed air to clean out all the debris, I used a strong solu­tion of TSP in hot water and a scrub bush to work my way across each pan­el, spray­ing and scrub­bing.  After that ordeal, I used remain­ing solu­tion to spray over the entire floor and some spots I want­ed to insure were clean.  This was soon fol­lowed up with hos­ing out the bus with a spray noz­zle sev­er­al times until I was sat­is­fied.  Remain­ing stand­ing water was swept out, fan was put in on high to help it all evap­o­rate one more time.

Random Lessons I Have Learned: Part 1

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Oct 022010
  1. Start from the begin­ning with a good, full can­is­ter dust mask.
  2. Wear a decent pair of rub­ber gloves and rub­ber boots when work­ing with TSP.

Current State

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Oct 012010

Some quick pic­tures of the floor post dry­ing.

Paint Plan

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Oct 012010

So, appar­ent­ly paint­ing is a lot more dif­fi­cult than I thought.  After a good amount of research, I’ve reworked the plan and bought all the appro­pri­ate prod­ucts.

Phys­i­cal Clean:

  • Grind to remove remaining/missed screws and nubs.
  • Wire brush all rust spots.

Chem­i­cal Clean:

  • TSP (TriSodi­um Phos­phate) — Clean of grease/glue/etc.
  • Ospho Rust Treat­ment for Met­al — Gal­va­nized Met­al Etch & Rust Conversion/Primer


  • One coat Rust-Oleum Pro­fes­sion­al White Clean Met­al Primer
  • One coat Rust-Oleum Pro­fes­sion­al Paint

The end col­or will be Smoke Grey in this case as it was the least offen­sive not-white col­or avail­able local­ly.  So far as I can tell via hours of research and talk­ing to sev­er­al peo­ple, this is indeed the best route to go if not overkill.  As I have no bloody inten­tion of hav­ing to do this again, overkill is good!

I’ve yet to decide what man­ner of top­ping will go onto this.  If I go with foam pan­els for the floor, I will like­ly end up going with a spray in truck bed lin­er for long term dura­bil­i­ty and sound damp­en­ing.  If I go with a high den­si­ty spray in foam for the floor sim­i­lar to what I intend to do for walls and ceil­ing, it will like­ly stay as it is.  The lat­ter is a bit more expen­sive in the short term, but I am lean­ing strong­ly in that direc­tion.

Grind, Sweep, and Wash.

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Sep 292010

Well.  Seems I was suf­fer­ing from a severe lack of salt.  I’m much bet­ter now.

Today I ground off all the bolts, screws, and nubs in the floor that I was unable to remove.  Did a final sweep up of the debris and some removal of parts that need­ed gone.  Then came the spray down.  Not too shab­by look­ing.


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Sep 282010

Got hit with some kind of sick­ness.  Man­aged to take the pick­up of junk to the dump and sweep up the floor.  Wish I had been smart enough to wear the res­pi­ra­tor rather than get a case of black lung. 😛

Past that, the day fell apart, includ­ing the cam­era eat­ing images of the cleaned floor.  I feel like crap. x_x

Floor and Seats Removed

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Sep 272010

The floor and seats are removed.  With min­i­mal blood loss.  Urgh.  Got a full pick­up load of debris to take to the dump in the morn­ing.  Agen­da for tomor­row is cleanup, wire­brush­ing, and gen­er­al paint prep.